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The Perfect Home Use All-In-One Trainer

Smith Machine All-in-One Power Rack Cage

Combines 10 Strength Training Machines into One!❗❗

Power Rack

The Snode All-In-One strength training system's foundation is the Power Rack, made of heavy-duty steel tubing and bold screw for added durability and longevity, with 14 adjustable J-Hook positions. It includes commercial-grade J-Hooks and Safeties for safety during intense workouts.

Smith Machine

The Smith Machine station, positioned in the Power Rack, accepts Olympic weight plates up to 800 lb and enables various solo strength training exercises. It features 10 height adjustments, quad-bearing rollers, and safety mechanisms. Four band pegs attach to the Power Rack for added resistance or assistance.

Functional Trainer

The functional trainer station provides improved coordination, mobility, aerobic capacity, and lean muscle mass. With 11 adjustable height positions and dual cable pulleys this includes 10 functional attachments for a full-body workout targeting various muscle groups.

Squat Machine

The squat machine provides a fixed motion trajectory, which can help to accurately control the body's posture and avoid injuries caused by the wrong posture during the free squat.

Suspension Trainer

The suspension trainer station provides over 50 exercises for core strength, stability, and muscular endurance, including inverted rows and push-ups. It has a dedicated stirrup station and is compatible with resistance band packages from various brands (sold separately).


The chin-up station improves grip strength, posture, and stabilizes spinal muscles. The multi-grip chin-up bar offers a variety of hand positions, including classic, hammer, wide, narrow, pronated, and under/overhand grips on a thick foam bar.

Core Trainer

The landmine attachment is the ultimate core trainer, building upper body strength, increasing muscle mass, and improving balance and stability through rotational torso training. Attachable to the right side of the Power Rack, insert one end of your barbell into the core trainer attachment, add the handle, and you're good to go.

Lat Pull-down

Target and strengthen your back muscles with the optional multi-grip lat pulldown bar, knee holder, and seat attachment. These attach to the front of the rack on either upright, work with the dual cable pulley system, and improve posture and spinal stability.

Low Row

The Low Row Foot Plate upgrade provides low-impact seated pulls to improve stamina and strength. With a slip-resistant diamond plating and black powder-coated finish for durability and grip, it adjusts to three different angles.

Ideal for:

  • When you want to skip the commute to the gym
  • When you want to work out privately and safely
  • When you want access to a commercial gym at home
  • When your workout space is limited (Occupies only 21.5ft²)
Smith Machine for Strength Training

Explore the multifunctional

Functional Trainer

Scientific Height Limit

Meets the needs of various groups of people and workouts

Strong and Smooth Aluminum Pulleys

Smith Machine with Weight Stack

140kg/308.7LB Cement Weigh Stacks

70KG (154.3LB) per side with 12 pieces. The first piece is 4KG (8.8LB), and the remaining 11 pieces are 6KG (13.2LB) each.

fitness Machine for Home Gym
7” Solid Limit Rod
Training Equipment
Aluminum alloy linear bearing
functional trainer with smith machine
180° Variable Pulley Block
Smith Machine with Cables
360° Landmine
Smith Machine with More Training Attachments


Assembled Dimensions : 78.7in L x 76.4in W x 87.8in H

Maximum Load Capacity: 1100 LB


The cable ratio of the Smith machine is 1/2.

A smith machine is a type of weightlifting equipment that features a barbell that is constrained to move along a fixed path, typically straight up and down. This is achieved by having the barbell attached to a system of steel rails with hooks that allow the user to lock the barbell in place at various heights. The linear movement makes it easier to focus on lifting weights without having to balance the barbell, which is why Smith machines are popular among those who are new to weightlifting or are looking to target specific muscle groups with less risk of injury.

Yes, the smith exercise machine can be very suitable for beginners because it provides a controlled environment for them to learn proper form and technique. The fixed path of the barbell helps guide movements and the ability to rack the bar at any point offers added safety.

Assembly takes most people between 4-6 hours (best if you have a helper), most tools are included - you only need a few metric sockets or an adjustable wrench!

Assembly Manual: Smith Machine

Yes, we have a collaboration with Kandu, you can enter your zip code for an installation quote.

Take the Snode Smith Machine All-In-One Functional Trainer. To properly fit it in your home gym, ensure you have a space of at least 12 feet by 12 feet. This space accounts for the equipment's dimensions (78.7 inches long by 76.4 inches wide and 87.8 inches high) and provides adequate clearance around all sides for safe use and accessibility. This setup will allow you to fully utilize all its features comfortably and safely.

The Smith Machine and the power rack cater to different needs within a gym setting. The Smith Machine features a barbell fixed on a vertical track, limiting movement to a set path, which is ideal for beginners or those rehabilitating injuries by reducing the need to balance the weight, thereby minimizing injury risk. Conversely, the power rack offers greater versatility with its adjustable safety catches and compatibility with free weights, allowing for a broader range of exercises. This setup enhances muscle stabilization, balance, and coordination, making it better suited for more experienced lifters who seek a comprehensive workout.

Perfect strength training partners

The most durable adjustable dumbbells on the market

32”, 360° drop-proof + Heavy duty all iron design + Compact, but feels like a regular dumbbell

Work out more efficiently and safer with easier loading and unloading

Iron Flexbell Stand specially designed for Snode Adjustable Dumbbells

Complete your strength training space with Snode Adjustable Bench 2.0

6 back positions & 3 seat positions for full body workouts with 1,000 LB weight capacity.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sam Finger
Practical workout rig

The functionality of the equipment is awesome. I can complete the entire workout in 30-40 minutes and really focus on progressive overload. Because I know I don't have to wait for gym equipment, I've made solid progress on all weightlifting exercises.
I would buy it again and I would recommend to someone looking to get away from a gym membership who has space to park this equipment.

Bard Gallacher
Great machine

The quality was amazing. Definitely worth the money. Nothing was bent or scratched. It looks amazing,so many exercise options in this machine. It also seems very sturdy and strong.

Ryan Gilbert
Best home gym ever

Came in 7 boxes, includes a total of 140kg of counterweights. This is definitely well-made and designed. No rattles or shakes during any movement, regardless of weight. It also supports pull-ups, seated cable row, etc.

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