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Strength Training
Adjustable Dumbbells
We carry all the tools needed to gain muscle strength and help you reach your fitness goals.
50Lb. 6 Gears Adjustable Dumbbells
Weight Range Lb.
8 โ€“ 14 โ€“ 23 โ€“ 32 โ€“ 41 โ€“ 50 lbs
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80Lb. 8 Gears Adjustable Dumbbells
Weight Range Lb.
10 โ€“ 20 โ€“ 30 โ€“ 40 โ€“ 50 โ€“ 60 โ€“ 70 โ€“ 80
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Seamless integrated iron design
The adjustment system will never break
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Quickly adjust the weight
Select the weights you want simply by turning the wheel.
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3 Gears Adjustable Dumbbells
Weight Range Lb.
8 โ€“ 18 โ€“ 28
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LOYO 50Lb. Adjustable Dumbbells
Stainless steel plastic base
Weight Range 8, 14, 23, 32, 41, and 50 lbs
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Anti-fall & Durable & Quiet
Exquisite Workmanship
Quickly adjust the weight
Twist, Peel, Feel. All in one second
Space saving
No more multiple dumbbells messing up your home gym
Choose the weight range that suits you best
28, 50, 80, 88 LB. to choose
Snodeยฎ adjustable dumbbells are expertly designed to give you the weight you need to strength train from your home. With our personal training sessions by FITLOG, you will learn how to use your dumbbells to get a maximum calorie burn while getting the strength training and definition you crave.
AD Rack
Adjustable Dumbbells Iron Flexbell Stand
Sets the dumbbells at just the right height
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Rack set
Adjustable Dumbbells & Stand Set
Work out more efficiently with easier loading and unloading
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Your Strength Training Companion
With a heavy duty commercial quality steel, this bench is a strong multi-purpose adjustable bench ideal for dumbbell or barbell workouts. Adjustable foam leg rollers are great for added support while performing decline exercises. Multi-position backrest and bottom seat allows for shoulder workouts right through to decline bench press.
Snode bench
Adjustable Strength Training Bench
Heavy-duty & Ergonomic Design
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bench set
Adjustable Dumbbells & Bench Set
8 workout positions for a variety of workout options
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