Snode Water + Digital Dual-resistance System Wooden Home Rowing Machine - RW03 PLUS
Snode Water + Digital Dual-resistance System Wooden Home Rowing Machine - RW03 PLUS
Snode Water + Digital Dual-resistance System Wooden Home Rowing Machine - RW03 PLUS
Snode Water + Digital Dual-resistance System Wooden Home Rowing Machine - RW03 PLUS
Snode Water + Digital Dual-resistance System Wooden Home Rowing Machine - RW03 PLUS

Snode Water + Digital Dual-resistance System Wooden Home Rowing Machine - RW03 PLUS

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A whole new way to row

Water + Digital Resistance Rower

Now you have the option to step up your training by increase the digital resistance while feeling the river rowing

Three resistance schemes to choose from

Water Resistance

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Electronic Control Resistance

Perfect for those times when you just want a quiet, undisturbed workout. 32 resistance modes to help you step by step

Water + Electronic Control Resistance

Professional sport mode , avoiding resistance reduction due to the inertia of the water when paddling

RW03 Plus

A full-body workout – from your legs to your abs, arms, and back

Exercise more than 80% of your body's muscle groups in one exercise without causing damage to the knees

One move to exercise the muscles of the whole body

Doing a full row of rowing exercises can work the AB, Back, Chest, Buttocks, Arms, Lower Body muscles at the same time

Will not damage joints and rowing can soften ligaments.

Seated rowing, suitable for more people, and the whole family can enjoy their workout

32 levels of electronic control resistance

Makes your training plan more detailed and controllable. Suitable for advanced training. And really simple operation with the knob control

Multi-functional Cutting Edge Design Display

Bluetooth display can shows your basic exercise data, such as SPM, Stroke, Speed, Time, Calories.




Click on the video to learn the data and features that can be displayed


Resistance can be adjusted automatically

RW03 Plus Rower will automatically adjust the digital resistance as you enjoy the live videos or training tutorials. No need to disrupt the rhythm during exercise.


Row around the globe

Row in Norway, Canada, Colorado, Scotland, and beyond with FITLOG, our training APP, immersive experience of sites and sounds. The world is our workout studio.


Led by a personal trainer that can takes your fitness level higher

· Automatic Resistance Adjustments
· Find, plan, and customize workouts
· Series Training Classes
· Real-time Metrics

More Features

Equipped tablet / phone holder

Recreation and sports at the same time. You can also link the FITLOG APP to view related sports data and get exercise tutorials

Ergonomic Seat

The seat cushion is recessed to fit the coccyx, more comfortable and more comprehensive

Adjustable pedals

Adjustable size, non-slip and shock absorption to protect your ankle

Ergonomic handle

Streamlined design, comfortable and non-slip

Acrylic cover

Block the complex internal structure, making the product simpler and more fashionable

With moving wheels and anti-slip bottom pad

Can be easily move for convenient storage. Multiple bottom pads make sure the rower do not slip during exercise, and can also protect the floor

Wrap-around 16-blade design

Makes the water flow turbine smooth distribution, and the resistance balance output

Quality Craftsmanship Fits Your Home

The overall frame is made of imported Croatian beech wood. Zero formaldehyde, zero carcinogens.

The water tank is made of polycarbonate, high strength, high light transmission, and fully enclosed design to ensure water quality.

There are two storage options. Just lift the rear of the machine for upright storage or fold it up to reduce its length for storage. Also, it can be easily wheeled to a new room, and engages in seconds.


86″L x 21″W x 20″H

71 lbs; 84 lbs boxed

Fits up to a 36” inseam

Holds up to 331 lbs (150 kg)

Low-impact yet powerful whole-body workout

Provides water resistance as well as 32 Digital Resistance Levels

Adapt to FITLOG, with constantly updated live videos to make you row around the globe

Beech main frame, safe and stable

Dimensions: 86″L x 21″W x 20″H

Warranty: 1 year

WEIGHT: 71 lbs; 84 lbs boxed

HEIGHT LIMIT: Fits up to a 36” inseam

WEIGHT LIMIT: Holds up to 331 lbs (150 kg)

Suitable for people of all fitness stages and ages.

1. Ships within 3-5 business days. Delivered within 6-15 business days. Shipping times to remote addresses may be extended.

2. Available only in US.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Nozwelo Ayandiswa
So thankful for this machine!!

I've been a chronic pain sufferer for nearly 20 years. With two torn lumbar disc and a fractured SI joint, aerobics, treadmills and bikes were a no no. I decided to give this a try. I became desperate after realizing just how weak I'd become over the years of not exercising. I'm 54 and my grandson who is 15 put this together in less than a half hour. I use it everyday. I'm 5'4-152lbs and my grandson is 6'3 285lbs. It worked just fine for him also! He was able to row all the way back without issue. After the first day, my muscles were sore, but not from exercise injury, a good kind of soreness. It's low impact, yet carries a big punch in strengthening muscle groups. It works out several groups, it also is adjustable in the tension. You can adjust as you increase in strength. It does not hurt my back or hip joint. I'm so happy to be able to work out again!!!

Tracy Garcia
Easy to assemble. Love the water tank sound while rowing.

It comes in a heavy long box. Have someone help you to maneuver it into the house and up/down any stairs. Assembly was easy if you take your time and follow the directions slowly. It comes partially assembled in the box so there were only a handful of bolts left to attach the tracks and seat. I'm glad I got the water tank rower, the sound is quite relaxing to me and gets me "in the zone." I did not attach the digital screen, because I prefer to watch my own programming on an iPad while rowing. You really get an intense workout with the machine. My knees won't allow me to jog on the treadmill. This rower is MUCH better for me and my knees. The seat could be a bit more comfortable. It's hard plastic.

David Andronico
Excellent resistance, quiet machine

I have previously returned 2 rowing machines for having weak resistance. I am very athletic and wanted a rowing machine that provides and maintains good resistance. This one has a large water tank and adjustable extra resistance, which apparently is the key factor. I rowed for 45 minutes at the 30 resistance with maxum water and it was a decent workout. There were a few times that I actually thought of reducing the resistance, but I pushed and paced myself and it was ideal. This is definitely the best machine I could have hoped for. Its also quiet and very sturdy. The dial to change the tension is easily accessible (for my family). I will recommend this to everyone I know.

Nigel Alcoran
I love my machine.

I'm 5'10" and have had this rower for about 5 months. I love my machine. It's very comfortable and gives a great workout.

Jason Parham
Good workout

I have this at home in my garage with limited space, and it works just fine. I guess I am in the recreational category, so the this rower works for me. Time or distance is all I really look at. Been using for 3 months now, and no back issues.

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