Snode Water + Digital Resistance Home Rowing Machine - RW03 PLUS in stock
Snode Water + Digital Resistance Home Rowing Machine - RW03 PLUS in stock
Snode Water + Digital Resistance Home Rowing Machine - RW03 PLUS in stock
Snode Water + Digital Resistance Home Rowing Machine - RW03 PLUS in stock

Snode Water + Digital Resistance Home Rowing Machine - RW03 PLUS in stock

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Low-impact yet powerful whole-body workout
Provides water resistance as well as 32 Digital Resistance Levels
Adapt to FITLOG, with constantly updated live videos to make you row around the globe
Beech main frame, safe and stable

RW03 Plus

A full-body workout – from your legs to your abs, arms, and back

Exercise more than 80% of your body's muscle groups in one exercise without causing damage to the knees

Three resistance schemes to choose from

Water Resistance

It's like actually rowing on the water, complete your workout while feeling the splash and the beautiful sound of the water

Electronic Control Resistance

Perfect for those times when you just want a quiet, undisturbed workout. 32 resistance modes to help you step by step

Water + Electronic Control Resistance

Professional sport mode , avoiding resistance reduction due to the inertia of the water when paddling

RW03 Plus

A whole new way to row

Now you have the option to step up your training by increase resistance while feeling the river rowing

32 levels of electronic control resistance

luxury sense

Multi-functional knob display




Click on the video to learn the data and features that can be displayed


Row around the globe


Resistance can be adjusted automatically

Quality Craftsmanship

Wrap-around 16-blade design

Fit for your home

Uses precision deep groove bearings



Learn more about fitlog

More Features

Adjustable pedals

Adjustable size, non-slip and shock absorption to protect your ankle

Ergonomic Seat

The seat cushion is recessed to fit the coccyx, more comfortable and more comprehensive

Equipped tablet / phone holder

Recreation and sports at the same time. You can also link the FITLOG APP to view related sports data and get exercise tutorials

Ergonomic handle

Streamlined design, comfortable and non-slip

Acrylic cover

Block the complex internal structure, making the product simpler and more fashionable

With moving wheels and anti-slip bottom pad

Can be easily move for convenient storage. Multiple bottom pads make sure the rower do not slip during exercise, and can also protect the floor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Harriet Guerrero
Great rower

I have been in love with the wooden rowing machine since I saw it, I like to be close to nature, this one looks so good at home, everyone who sees it will ask me if it is worth buying, and my answer is: definitely!

Fred Clark
Been using it for 2 months

Been using it for 2 months and this has been the best experience. My daily go to for workouts without the strain on my knees and ankles. Gets my everything moving. As they say a body in motion stays in motion and this does it!!!

Penny Lopez

My parents got this ROWER and whenever my boyfriend and I are at their house we love to take turns on it. It's a great way to get practically your whole body moving.have recommended this to many of my friends rather than a gym membership (I'm 22 for reference)!

Phyllis Baker
love it

I love the app and capability; try to use it 4x a week!

Chas Matthew
Love this machine!

It's exactly like the machine I was used to from my in-person pre-Covid classes at gym. It's easy to use and the functionality is fantastic. I also appreciate that it's very easy to move and store upright against a wall. That was ultimately what confirmed my decision to purchase it.

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