AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells
AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells
AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells
AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells
AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells

AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells

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durable adjustable dumbbells
Snode's are the most durable adjustable dumbbell that's on the market within a reasonable price range.
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Durability Is Our Top-priority Consideration❗❗

32”, 360° drop-proof

  • Unique dovetail stress-bearing structure, the adjustment system and handle will not bear any force under any circumstances, so that they will never be damaged
  • All major parts of the dumbbell are made of cast iron

Heavy duty all iron design

  • Full cast iron plate without any plastic parts
  • One-piece chromed iron handle
  • Iron dumbbell cradle for easily and quickly put the dumbbell back without jams.

Compact, but feels like a regular dumbbell

  • Smaller diameter plates to maintain balance during exercise
  • Thicker 1.4” handle brings a better grip experience
  • Designed for people of all heights and weights

Most solid plate&dovetail groove in the world

  • Plate and dovetail groove in one mold. No separate part and make sure the whole plate as solid as enough.
  • CNC machining process to make sure the precision of each plate. High investment but high precision.

Get 8 Sets Of Dumbbells In 1

  • Replace 8 pairs of dumbbells, 24 pairs with our magnets
  • Use the same set of weights for all of your muscle groups. Whether you need light weights for bent-over flys or heavy weights for squats, we have you covered with one set of weights.
  • Seamlessly flow from 10-80lbs with a simple turn of the wrist.
adjustable dumbbell for workout strength training

All Iron Cradle

Experience the unbreakable of our heavy duty cradle!

  • The heavy duty cradle ensures that when the dumbbell is lifted, it won't raise other plates or cause the cradle to move or lifted too.
  • Smash the dumbbell back in the cradle after exhausted training. No problem.
adjustable weights dumbbell set

Fixed One-piece Handle

Snode AD80 uses the adjustment dial to adjust, not the handle itself, so the handle is completely fixed and does not move a little under any circumstances, so your hand will not move uncontrollably at all while exercising.

cast iron drop proof adjustable dumbbells

The Most Durable Adjustable Dumbbells

A huge boon for strength training enthusiasts and muscle builders!

*Warranty covered

As Durable As It Looks

cast iron dumbbell
Aluminum Inner Rod
Flat Dumbbell Heads
Knurled Handle


Dimensions (80 lb. Dumbbell Only): 18.11in L x 6.68in W x 6.68in H

Assembled Dimensions (Adjustable Dumbbells With Base): 19.29in L x 7.48in W x 7.87in H

Handle: Length 4.53in, diameter 1.42in

Ships in 2 boxes.


We have 5 lb adjustable dumbbells in design and discussion. But achieving this was really difficult for us because of our material (full cast iron) and structure (dovetail structure). So there is no estimated launch time yet. But one thing for sure, it will not be launched in the near future. We may introduce 5LB magnet blocks to attach to dumbbells to solve this problem soon.

AD80 dumbbells have a 2-year full warranty with purchase, please click here for details. You can also purchase additional warranty periods.

Yes, they feel like traditional dumbbells. They have comparable knurling and the size of the dumbbell is similar to those you
find at your local gym. Also, the plates are round and not very huge. Also, the shaft will not stick out from the plate.

Sure you can! We have our own factory, and we can provide any parts related to dumbbells, from the cradle to the gears and screws inside the handle.

The inner rod of the AD80 is made of aluminum, so it's metal.

The all-cast iron dovetail structure not only makes our dumbbells drop-proof and durable, but can also makes dumbbell plates be structurally linked to each so that they will not fall. Regarding the structure of our dumbbells, the inner rod in the center is not stressed, the stress point of our dumbbells is our uniquely designed dovetail groove, that is, the trapezoidal groove on the dumbbell plate, and the rod only plays the role of adjusting the selection.

First, Snode adjustable dumbbells save space and time compared to traditional dumbbells. You don't need to buy a lot of dumbbells of different weights to use for different family members or for different stages of exercise. In fact, the Snode adjustable dumbbells are a much cost-effective investment when you consider the cost involved in purchasing multiple dumbbells.

Second, the biggest difference from other adjustable dumbbells is that the Snode adjustable dumbbells are drop-proof. So you don't have to worry about breaking the dumbbells when you're exhausted or accidentally drop it. Also, you never have to worry about storing plates or taking plates on and off and twisting a lot of knobs.

All materials used in our products and packaging are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Very simple. Most people can install them within 15 minutes effortlessly.

We are temporarily only retailing dumbbells within the United States. We will try to expand in the future, please follow our website or FB page to get the latest news!

Customer has 30 days from the date of order delivery to return your purchase to us.  The customer is responsible for shipping cost if the product have no quality problems. The product must be in perfect working condition in its original packaging. Restocking fee will apply if product is not received back in these conditions.

Canceling orders after product has shipped will result in a $40.00 restocking fee and original shipping cost will not be refunded.

Customer Reviews

Based on 401 reviews
Valerie Calvillo
Exactly what we hoped for.

After reviewing many different options to help elevate our home gym experience, we decided on the Snode adjustable dumbells. They are perfect. I have zero criticism. The order and delivery were smooth, we use them daily and they work just like you'd want them too.


The Snode AD80 are amazing. The strong solid structure gives me the confidence that they will last forever. Definitely the best quick change adjustable dumbbells on the market by far.

taylor madenfort

AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells

Perfect Addition to garage gym!

The Snode Ad80 dumbbells were the perfect solution for a garage gym with limited space. Feel like regular dumbbells and simple to adjust. Made of iron (NO plastic), rugged and well balanced. Added magnetic weights to get five lb increments. Great purchase for those who want quality adjustable dumbbells up to 80lbs!

Joe B.
Great value, solid design and excellent quality!

Excellent adjustments weights!
Efficiency: No more juggling multiple dumbbells. These adjustables are like having a personal weight wizard—just twist and lift!
Versatility: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned lifter, these dumbbells adapt to your fitness journey. From curls to lunges, they’ve got your back (and biceps, and quads…).
Home Gym Bliss: Create your own workout haven without sacrificing space. These dumbbells fit neatly into your life, allowing you to focus on gains, not clutter.

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Perfect strength training partners

Work out more efficiently and safer with easier loading and unloading

Iron Flexbell Stand specially designed for Snode Adjustable Dumbbells

Complete your strength training space with Snode Adjustable Bench 2.0

6 back positions & 3 seat positions for full body workouts, featuring a massive 1,000 LB weight capacity.

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