Snode has different guarantee period for strength series and cardio series. Other than that, other warranty terms are the same.

Dumbbell Series

2 year warranty

Other Products

1 year warranty

  • We offer 1 or 2 year full warranty and right to complain regarding production errors for all products under normal residential use.

  • We only process complaints if you have a valid receipt or any traceable purchase records.

  • The warranty does not cover periodic inspections, maintenance, repair, replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear and damage caused to the product through improper use or handling.

  • Customers can issue a complaint by informing us within a reasonable time after you discovered the defect. You must also explain why you think the product is defect.

  • During the warranty period, to provide corresponding repair parts, accessories and toolswithout charge (except for a fee for shipping, packing, and return postage which will be incurred by the customer).

Warranty does not cover:

  1. Normal wear and cosmetic damage from product use (such as, but not limited to, peeling paint or scratches).
  2. Any damag caused by accident, misuse, neglect, improper assembly or failure to follow instructions or warnings, etc.
  3. Use of products in a environment or manner for which they were not designed. 
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