Snode 80 lbs Drop-proof Full Cast Iron Quick Adjustable Dumbbell
Snode 80 lbs Drop-proof Full Cast Iron Quick Adjustable Dumbbell
Snode 80 lbs Drop-proof Full Cast Iron Quick Adjustable Dumbbell
Snode 80 lbs Drop-proof Full Cast Iron Quick Adjustable Dumbbell

Snode 80 lbs Drop-proof Full Cast Iron Quick Adjustable Dumbbell

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The original price of $994 dumbbell is now only $759 for a pair. All-time lowest price.

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This offer is limited to the purchase of 1 Pair of Dumbbells or 1 Pair of Dumbbells + Stand. If there is any questions about our products and logistics services, please contact our customer service: We will reply you as soon as possible.


32” 360-degree Drop-proof Design

With full cast iron and unnotched plates design, this adjustable dumbbell for home fitness is really sturdy and stable, NO FEAR to drop it down accidentally (max height of 32 inches) , you can training freely without any concern, just FORWARD to your own PEAK!

Snode 80lb adjustable dumbbells
Get a Whole Set of Dumbbells in 1

Use the same set of weights for all of your muscle groups. Whether you need light weights for bent-over flys or heavy weights for squats, we have you covered with one set of weights. You can seamlessly flow from 10-80lbs with a simple turn of the wrist.

8 Gears Adjustable Weight Ranges

10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80 LB.

One Piece Fixed Handle

With the one piece handle design, makes the dumbbell more durable and anti-fall. The adjustment system will not easily damaged. Creats the highest quality adjustable dumbbell

Snode 80lb adjustable dumbbells dial handle

The weight is changed by the adjustment dial, not the handle, so the handle will not wobble or rotate in any way during the exercise.

Convenient & Quick Adjustment

Put the dumbbell back on the cradle, then turn the adjustment dial to easily adjust the weight

Heavy Duty Dumbbell Cradle

The cradle is made of all cast iron too, and has a dovetail groove design. You can easily and quickly put the dumbbell back on the cradle with out jams.

Electroplating handle

This well-designed non-slip handle allows you to grip more firmly and improve safety during exercise. Now the knurling is an upgraded version with a rougher feel.

Weight Visible

There is a weight visible hole next to the weight adjustment dial, you can quickly see the change of dumbbell weight, which is so intuitive and convenient.

Unnotched Round Dumbbell Plates

Advantages:the center of gravity is centered,no shaking/centrifugal,even weight distribution.


Dimensions (80 lb. Dumbbell Only): 18.11in L x 6.68in W x 6.68in H

Assembled Dimensions (Adjustable Dumbbells With Base): 19.29in L x 7.48in W x 7.87in H

Handel: Length 4.53in, diameter 1.42in


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Snode 80 lbs Drop-proof Full Cast Iron Quick Adjustable Dumbbell
Snode 80 lbs Drop-proof Full Cast Iron Quick Adjustable Dumbbell
Snode 80 lbs Drop-proof Full Cast Iron Quick Adjustable Dumbbell
Snode 80 lbs Drop-proof Full Cast Iron Quick Adjustable Dumbbell

Snode 80 lbs Drop-proof Full Cast Iron Quick Adjustable Dumbbell

Sale price$994.00
Shipping calculated at checkout.
❗PRE-SALE❗ Estimated shipping time is around February 9th

Enjoy the benefits of having a complete weight set in your home!

These safe and durable adjustable dumbbells can meet your needs for fitness, shaping and strength training.This dumbbell has 8-Gears of weight adjustment, can be adjusted from 10 to 80 lbs in 10 lb increments. Faced with different exercise weight requirements, you only need to turn the dial to quickly and accurately adjust the dumbbell weight you want

Dimensions of each dumbbell: 18.11in L x 6.68in W x 6.68in H

Dimensions of dumbbell with cradle: 19.29in L x 7.48in W x 7.87in H

Warranty: 1 year

Compatible with Snode Dumbbell Stand (sold separately)

Suitable for a variety of exercises and all fitness levels

1. Ships within 3-5 business days. Delivered within 6-15 business days. Shipping times to remote addresses may be extended.

2. If you buy a pair of dumbbells, it will be shipped in two packages.

3. Available only in US.


We have 5 lb adjustable dumbbells in design and discussion. But achieving this was really difficult for us because of our material (full cast iron) and structure (dovetail structure). So there is no estimated launch time yet. But one thing for sure, it will not be launched in the near future. We may introduce 5LB magnet blocks to attach to dumbbells to solve this problem soon.

Yes, they feel like traditional dumbbells. They have comparable knurling and the size of the dumbbell is similar to those you
find at your local gym. Also, the plates are round and not very huge. Also, the shaft will not stick out from the plate.

First, Snode adjustable dumbbells save space and time compared to traditional dumbbells. You don't need to buy a lot of dumbbells of different weights to use for different family members or for different stages of exercise. In fact, the Snode adjustable dumbbells are a much cost-effective investment when you consider the cost involved in purchasing multiple dumbbells.

Second, the biggest difference from other adjustable dumbbells is that the Snode adjustable dumbbells are drop-proof. So you don't have to worry about breaking the dumbbells when you're exhausted or accidentally drop it. Also, you never have to worry about storing plates or taking plates on and off and twisting a lot of knobs.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Our company is based in California, USA and our products are all manufactured in China, and we have one of the best fitness equipment production lines in China. Our warehouse is in the United States, and all orders will be shipped from the United States.

We are temporarily only retailing dumbbells within the United States. We will try to expand in the future, please follow our website or FB page to get the latest news!

Customer has 30 days from the time of purchase to return your purchase to us. The customer is responsible for shipping cost if the product have no quality problems. The product must be in perfect working condition in its original packaging. Restocking fee will apply if product is not received back in these conditions.

Canceling orders after product has shipped with result in a $40.00 restocking fee and original shipping cost will not be refunded.

Perfect strength training partners

Work out more efficiently and safer with easier loading and unloading

Iron Flexbell Stand specially designed for Snode Adjustable Dumbbells


Complete your strength training space with Snode Adjustable Training Bench

7 back positions & 4 seat positions for full body workouts, space saving


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Customer Reviews

Based on 185 reviews
Blake W
A real space saver for small in home gyms

Getting a great workout at home is usually something that requires a lot of equipment. Having a whole dumbbell rack with numerous weights of different amounts takes up a lot of room, and that is something I don't have room for. This adjustable weight dumbbell solves that problem perfectly. I can have one piece of equipment instead of 16 dumbbells laying around. It's a cleaner, more compact, and safer space at home. The fact that it is adjustable makes it easy to use at the same time. I can quickly change from one weight to another as my workout progresses. Since the dumbbell's adjustable with different weights allowed, different people can use it based on their abilities. Plus having one piece of equipment that can be adjustable is a lot more cost-effective than having multiple individual weighted dumbbells. Using an adjustable dumbbell like this one is definitely recommended to anyone.

Francisco Licon
Great, sleek and minimalist piece of equipment!

I use to have a huge commercial gym rack with retro steel dumbbell weight sets ranging from 2lbs to 80lbs which would take up as much room as a car. Now with my Snode's, I get great work outs due to their durable build design and not to mention, I having way more room to work with. I'm super happy with my set of Snode dumbbells, I cant wait till my rack comes in, I guess it is currently in back order, which reminds me, i need to check in with them on a deliver y date. Overall, pricey, but worth every penny, I will be able to pass these on to my children's children.

Great Dumbbell and Base

I always wanted a set of adjustable dumbbells (the only sets I ever had were cast iron 15 and 30 pounders that I inherited from my grandfather). So, when I saw the Snode AD80 adjustable dumbbells, I jumped on it, which I wish I would’ve done sooner. Pros: Easily adjustable weight, simply twist the dial and lift; uses tough, cast-iron plates; offers a nice, etched (i.e., non-slip) hand grip, easy to wipe down and great for when you’re sweating, which I do, profusely; plates slide in and out of the cradle/holder easily; The base is also heavy-duty, sturdy iron. Cons: the plates have to line up when putting the dumbbell back in the tray. So, I get that the plate holder slots need to have a certain position/tolerance. But, for real he-men/she-women, this could be a problem, truggling to put it back in after doing a set. Worth purchasing? If you don’t mind the price, absolutely. This is a great, versatile set that makes bicep curls sooo much easier, especially compared to traditional, set-weight weights.

Great Dumbbells

Easy, fast to adjust. No rattles. Like the compact form factor.

Pat OBrien
Exactly what I expected, but have issues

I really like the AD80 dumbbells but have a few complaints. I will start with the positives. The size of the dumbbells and the drop rating was the main reason I purchased these dumbbells. I really like the way the length is proportional to the selected weight. This was really a plus compared to some of the other manufacturers. I found some cheaper dumbbells ($200 less) but didn't like the diameter of the plates and the weight increments (8 lb. with 4 lb. offsets). The base is very durable and well made. The adjustment dial is very smooth and the weights integrate between themselves very nicely with acceptable rattle, which is required to prevent the plates from sticking and making it easier to insert the dumbbell into the base. I also like the ability to disassemble the unit in case parts fail and it needs to be serviced (assuming parts are made available for purchase).

Now for the negatives and the reasons for my 3-star rating. One star was deducted for not having the ability to adjust the dumbbells in 5 lb. increments. Anyone who lifts weights knows a 10 lb. jump in weight is too much when you get close to your limits. The AD80 won out over the other (if you did your research, you know the one I am talking about) only because of the serviceability and the drop rating. I bought some rare earth magnets to use with 2.5 lb. plates so I can increase the weight in 5 lb. increments.

Another star was deducted because of the flaw in the locking mechanism. When I received one of my dumbbells the dial would rotate freely, and the locking mechanism would not engage. This was before I even assembled any of the components. After further investigation, when I loosened the screws, this allowed the locking mechanism to start working as intended. Now at least the locking mechanism was functioning, but my issues don't stop there. I noticed the locking mechanism would not engage on the click. I had to actually rotate the dial an additional 1-3 degrees past the click (increasing weight rotation, rod extending) after I removed the dumbbell from the base to get the locking mechanism to engage. This is a safety hazard because the dial can be rotated in the decreasing weight direction and could potentially cause weights to fall of the dumbbell. I have no idea if the rods holding the plates on could move inward during use where the plates could fall off.

I have not received the other dumbbell yet. If that dumbbell behaves the same as this one, then it is definitely a design flaw or the dumbbells were assembled incorrectly. This behavior would be acceptable if the dumbbells were several hundred dollars cheaper than what I paid for them.

Dear Pat, thank you for purchasing with us and so sorry for the trouble, and I'm here to help. Regarding to the problems, can you record a related video and send it to us? With the video, we will understand your meaning more clearly, so that we can give the most correct solution. If this cannot be fixed, we will mail you a new handle.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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