Snode 80 lbs Quick Adjusting Dumbbell
Snode 80 lbs Quick Adjusting Dumbbell
Snode 80 lbs Quick Adjusting Dumbbell
Snode 80 lbs Quick Adjusting Dumbbell

Snode 80 lbs Quick Adjusting Dumbbell

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Enjoy the benefits of having a complete weight set in your home!

These safe and durable adjustable dumbbells can meet your needs for fitness, shaping and strength training.This dumbbell has 8-Gears of weight adjustment, can be adjusted from 10 to 80 lbs in 10 lb increments. Faced with different exercise weight requirements, you only need to turn the dial to quickly and accurately adjust the dumbbell weight you want


8 Gears Adjustable Weight Ranges(From 10 lbs)

Drop Resistance Design

One Piece Full Cast Iron Handle

Convenient & Quick Adjustment

Dumbbell Base


Weight Visible

There is a weight visible hole next to the weight adjustment dial, you can quickly see the change of dumbbell weight, which is so intuitive and convenient.

Electroplating handle

This well-designed non-slip handle allows you to grip more firmly and improve safety during exercise.

Unnotched Round Dumbbell Plates

Advantages:the center of gravity is centered,no shaking/centrifugal,even weight distribution.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Gregory Thomas
You won't regret it

Buying This Dumbbell Set Was My Best Shopping Decision and Experience

Benedict Vanmeter
You can't go wrong with this investment

You can't go wrong ! A huge space saver and a huge savings when you factor in how much you would save buying all of the individual dumbells. If you're contemplating purchasing the stand I would say go for it

Tom Byrd
Great quality weights!

The appearance of the product is perfect, the knurling of the handle is very comfortable, the adjustment is very smooth, I like its anti-drop feature the most, dumbbells that last a lifetime.Coming from someone who doesnt usually do reviews I definitely would recommend these weights. Thank you so much

Richard Mason
Amazing weights, Super durable and simple design.

I've been weight training for 10 years and needed heavier weights (80lbs per dumbbell), which get crazy expensive for non adjustable dumbells. Not to mention how much space it takes.These dumbbells are perfect for me, but I would prefer them to be available in 5lb increments. But I consulted customer service, they said there is no specific launch time. I don't want to wait anymore. After receiving it all I can say is, I have no regrets, these are really good

Kermit Pleasant
Well made and great engineering

I read reviews on this product and was a little hesitant at purchasing it. They are GREAT. I love them and they work flawlessly. So much easier than changing plates all the time. I would encourage anyone with a home gym to purchase these dumb bells

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