AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells
AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells
AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells
AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells
AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells
AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells
AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells

AD80 Drop-proof All Cast Iron 10-80lbs Adjustable Dumbbells

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Why did we develop Snode drop-proof adjustable dumbbell? We aim for all snode products to be developed based on the fundamental needs of users. We have an in-depth understanding of the uses of dumbbells. From the user's perspective, during certain training movements, when exhausted, it is inevitable to hope that the dumbbells can be thrown away freely without any concerns, so as to ensure that our muscles are not damaged to the greatest extent. Therefore, after three years of research and development, the world's first all-cast iron drop-proof adjustable dumbbell was created.

Why are Snode adjustable dumbbells drop-resistant? Firstly, in terms of structure, the weight adjustment is accomplished by turning the adjustment dial on the handle. The adjustment system and the handle are a fixed whole, together with the unique dovetail stress-bearing structure of the plate, so even when the dumbbell is dropped, the adjustment system will not bear any force under any circumstances, the stress point is on the first plate, so the first plate is particularly made of ductile iron. The adjustment system, which is essential for an adjustable dumbbell, will not be damaged. Regarding the materials of the dumbbells, Snode adjustable dumbbells have almost no plastic parts. The one-piece chrome iron handle with knurled grip ensure a firm grip. Both the plates and the cradle are made of cast iron. And each dumbbell plate and its dovetail groove are formed in a mold in one piece, guaranteeing that the entire plate is robust enough. Furthermore, the CNC machining process is adopted to ensure the precision of each plate. The drop-proof adjustable dumbbell permits a height of 32 inches and can be dropped from all angles, offering safety and strong support for your workouts.

The 80lb quick adjustable dumbbell also has an exquisite appearance, a compact size, and supports 8 adjustable weights. If you want to obtain more and smaller increments, you can opt for our magnetic weight plates, which are specially designed for the cast iron adjustable dumbbell. Additionally, we have also devised other products compatible with this adjustable dumbbell, such as the dumbbell rack and the 3 in 1 bench. Snode dumbbell rack, an S-shaped dumbbell rack made of cast iron, provides super stable support for your dumbbells. Snode 3 in 1 bench is a multi-functional bench that can be utilized for storage, as a weight bench, and a dumbbell stand.

Snode aspires to provide every customer with high-quality products. The drop-proof, full cast iron and durable adjustable dumbbell 80 lbs is ideal for your strength training.


Durability Is Our Top-priority Consideration❗❗

durable adjustable dumbbells
Snode's are the most durable adjustable dumbbell that's on the market within a reasonable price range.
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Dumbbell Length: 18.11"

Dumbbell Width: 6.68"

Dumbbell Height: 6.68"

Dumbbell Weight: 80lbs

Cradle Length: 19.29"

Cradle Width: 7.48"

Cradle Height: 3.54"

Cradle Weight: 15.3lbs

Grip Length: 4.53"

Grip Diameter: 1.42"

32”, 360° Drop-proof

The snode AD80 dumbbell set uses smaller diameter plates to maintain balance during exercise. The thicker 1.4” handle also brings a better grip experience. It designed for people in all range of heights and weights.

Compact, But Feels Like a Regular Fixed Dumbbell

The AD80 dumbbell set uses smaller diameter plates to maintain balance during exercise. The thicker 1.4” handle also brings a better grip experience. It designed for people of all heights and weights.

Heavy Duty All Iron Design

Full cast iron plate without any plastic parts. One-piece chromed iron handle. Full cast iron dumbbell cradle for easily and quickly put the dumbbell back without jams.

Integral Molding in One Whole Plate

Using CNC tech , we combine dumbbell plates with dovetail slots,ensuring precision and strength, Polished for durability, it withstands over 20000N pressure, offering stability and drop resistance.

Round fully enclosed dumbbell plates are also providing balanced force on the muscles at every angle, no gaps in the plate.

All Iron Heavy Duty Cradle

Sturdy, and durable cradle, can hold up to 2T of pressure, easily and quickly put the dumbbells back without jams.It ensures that when the dumbbell is lifted, it won't raise other plates or cause the cradle to move or lifted too. Smash the dumbbell back in the cradle after exhausted training. No problem. Experience the unbreakable of our heavy duty cradle!

Fixed One-piece Handle

Snode AD80 dumbbells uses the adjustment dial to adjust, not the handle itself, so the handle is completely fixed and does not move a little under any circumstances, so your hand will not move uncontrollably at all while exercising.

Get 8 Sets Of Dumbbells In 1

  • A pair of adjustable dumbbells will work all muscle groups. Whether you need light weight for bent-over flyes or heavy weight for squats, this set has it all!
  • Replace 8 pairs of dumbbells, 24 pairs with our magnets

(24 pairs if with our magnetic weight adder)

Perfect Strength Training Partners

Work out more efficiently and safer with easier loading and unloading

Iron Flexbell Stand specially designed for Snode Adjustable Dumbbells

Complete your strength training space with Snode Adjustable Bench 2.0

6 back positions & 3 seat positions for full body workouts, featuring a massive 1,000 LB weight capacity.



We are designing and discussing adjustable dumbbells in 5 lb increments. But due to the material (full cast iron) and structure (dovetail structure) of the Snode adjustable dumbbells, it is very difficult for us to realize this. So there is no estimated launch time yet. But one thing for sure, it will not be launched in the near future. We may soon launch 5LB magnetic blocks to attach to the adjustable dumbbells to solve this problem.

The AD80 dumbbells have a 2-year full warranty with purchase, please click here for details. You can also purchase additional warranty periods.

Yes, they feel like traditional dumbbells. The Snode adjustable dumbbell set have comparable knurling and the size of the dumbbell is similar to those you find at your local gym. Also, the plates are round and not very huge. And the shaft will not stick out from the iron plate.

Sure you can! We have our own factory, and we can provide any parts related to the dumbbells, from the cradle to the gears and screws inside the handle.

The inner rod of the AD80 dumbbell set is made of aluminum, so it's metal.

The all-cast iron dovetail structure not only makes Snode adjustable dumbbells drop-proof and durable, but can also makes dumbbell plates be structurally linked to each so that they will not fall. Regarding the structure of our adjustable dumbbells, the inner rod in the center is not stressed, the stress point of our dumbbell AD80 is our uniquely designed dovetail groove, that is, the trapezoidal groove on the dumbbell plate, and the rod only plays the role of adjusting the selection.

First, the Snode adjustable dumbbells save space and time compared to traditional dumbbells. You don't need to buy a lot of dumbbells of different weights to use for different family members or for different stages of exercise. In fact, the Snode adjustable dumbbells are a much cost-effective investment when you consider the cost involved in purchasing multiple dumbbells.

Second, the biggest difference from other adjustable dumbbells is that the Snode adjustable dumbbells are drop-proof. So you don't have to worry about breaking the dumbbells when you're exhausted or accidentally drop it. Also, you never have to worry about storing plates or taking plates on and off and twisting a lot of knobs.

All materials used in adjustable dumbbells and packaging are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

The installation of Snode adjustable dumbbells is very simple. Most people can easily install them in less than 15 minutes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 408 reviews
Elisha Quintana
Best dumbbells on the market

Extremely durable and easy to use! So smooth when switching between weights. Love these

David A Delgadillo

Everything they say they are

Paul H.
Good Dumbbells

Good Overall except the following: 10 pound increments (magnets are a bandaid) & uncomfortable sitting on side on your legs. Additionally, my dumbells had loose bolts initially so I had to tighten them (QC issue).

Luiz Moreira

Fast delivery and the product is awesome!

John Norman
Adjustable dumbbells

Product is very high quality! Couldn't be more pleased!

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