Magnet Weight Plates
Magnet Weights
magnet weight plates for dumbbells
Magnet Weight Plates for adjustable dumbbell
magnet weights for adjustable dumbbell
1.25lbs magnet weight plates
Snode 1.25LB Plating Magnet Weight Plates

Snode 1.25LB Plating Magnet Weight Plates

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Enjoy a flexible and safe strength training experience with Snode's Magnet Weight Plates


The Snode 1.25LB Magnet Weight Plates are scientifically designed to provide maximum safety for all your strength training. Each plate is calibrated to a total weight of 1.25LB. So they can realize the adjustment of 2.5LB and 5LB of Snode dumbbells, making them ideal for any exercise you need. 

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Utilizes the magnetic adsorption characteristics to increase the weight by a small number of pounds.(The weight of each is 1.25LB.)

magnet plates for adjustable dumbbell
magnet weight plates for weight training equipment

More Uses

Can also be used on other weight training equipments such as Smith machines

1.25 magnet weight plate

About Product

Material: Plating strong magnet

Weight: 1.25 pounds each

Diameter: 2.32''

Thickness: 1.18''


Our company is based in California, USA and our products are all manufactured in China, and we have one of the best fitness equipment production lines in China. Our warehouse is in the United States, and all orders will be shipped from the United States.

We are temporarily only retailing dumbbells within the United States. We will try to expand in the future, please follow our website or FB page to get the latest news!

Customer has 30 days from the date of order delivery to return your purchase to us. The customer is responsible for shipping cost if the product have no quality problems. The product must be in perfect working condition in its original packaging. Restocking fee will apply if product is not received back in these conditions.

Canceling orders after product has shipped with result in a $40.00 restocking fee and original shipping cost will not be refunded.


  1. Please avoid hitting or pushing the product directly during use, as it may cause it to fall.
  2. This product is mainly used on the surface of iron and cast iron dumbbells. Do not use it on rubber surfaces, as it may fall off.
  3. It is not recommended to be adsorbed on products that are not flat and the magnetic bar cannot be fully attached
  4. It is not recommended to be attached to equipment that will swing quickly, frequently and at a large angle
  5. When disassembling, please hold the edge groove and pull it out, try to avoid the product from being rubbed

Please keep away from your 3C equipment, especially: computer, mobile phone

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Francisco Morales
Snide 1.25 lb magnets

Very strong magnets that can be used various ways with weights and equipment.

Andy Lubin
1.25LB Plating Magnet Weight Plates

I bought 2 sets and use them at the gym on weight stacks & dumbbells and they work great on both. They have very strong magnets.

Matthew Samet
Great little add-on weights!

I love these little plates, and adding this set of eight onto the four that came with the adjustable dumbbells has given me a lot of options, from adding just 1.25 lbs to my bells on up to 7.5 lbs. This has been awesome for gradually increasing the weight, without having to do the usual big jumps (5lbs/10lbs) with standard dumbbells.

The magnetic action is secure and reliable, the plates are easy to remove when you’re done, and they have an elegant, glossy, finished look that’s great for my home gym.

Highly recommend!

Nice Looking Adder Weights

The magnetic weights are very nice looking. They look much better than the PlateMate adder weights. The magnets are very powerful too, which instills confidence when using with dumbbells overhead or over your face. I would have given a five-star rating, if the order wasn't delayed so long.

Ekkie T
Versatile and affordable.

I was looking for good magnet weights for some non-Snode dumb bells (PowerBlocks) but the main option everyone talks about (PlateMate) is very pricey... nearly $100 for if you want two pairs (four weights total) of 1.25 weights each. These essentially cost less than half of that for four pairs (eight weights total). They are also very compact in size and the magnets are VERY strong.

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