Snode NEW AD80 Adjustable Dumbbells Review 2023

8 x 1.25lb magnetic plates + free 2 year warranty service


  • All cast iron design
  • Drop-proof design
  • Dovetail groove design
  • Flat dumbbell head
  • 1.42 inch thicker handle
  • 10-80 lbs adjustable weight
  • 2-year warranty


The AD80 has a 10-pound starting weight that is adjustable in 10-pound increments up to 80 pounds. Since a 10 lb. start may be a bit too much for some, Snode offers magnetic weights to add to the ends of the dumbbells for an additional charge. Magnetic weights are available in 2.5 lb. or 5 lb. increments.

10-80 pound adjustable dumbbells


8 x 1.25LB magnetic plate

Due to customer feedback that they wanted more flexible increments, we have developed eight additional 1.25 lb. magnet plates in a special design, so please consider whether you need them or not!

Visualization of weight

 To adjust the dumbbells simply turn a knob on the side of the handle. One knob adjusts the weights on both sides of the dumbbell, making it quick to adjust. The digital indicator on the adjustment knob is clearly visible so you can always determine the weight you are adjusting.


While durable isn’t the Snode AD80s’ middle name, it should have been. In our testing of the adjustable dumbbells, Coop tested out the AD80’s drop-proof design by rolling the weights off a 30-inch plyo box. He dropped the dumbbells at the maximum weight for the most impact, and also tried with the minimum of 10 pounds, as that had the least protection for the inner workings of the dumbbell. The dumbbell worked perfectly after both tests. 

It’s confirmed: You can drop them. Snode’s durable design is definitely one-of-a-kind in the adjustable dumbbells market.

32-inch drop-proof

Snode AD80 adjustable dumbbells breakthrough with dovetail construction and all iron casting for durability!

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Snode 80 lbs Drop-proof Cast Iron Quick Adjustable Dumbbells

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