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RW03 PLUS Water + Electronic Control Resistance Home Rower
Provides water resistance as well as 32 Digital Resistance Levels
Adapt to FITLOG, with constantly updated live videos to make you row around the globe
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2022 Newest
WR77 Vertical Water Tank Rower
Equipped with vertical water tank, provides 80% more resistance compared with other water rowing machine.

Doing a full row of rowing exercises can work the AB, Back, Chest, Buttocks, Arms, Lower Body muscles at the same time
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RW8 Plus Water Resistance Wooden Rowers
Low-impact yet powerful whole-body workout
Large lcd monitor & app control
Beech main frame
Built-in wheels
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Intelligent Control and Training Sessions

Led by a personal trainer that can takes your fitness level higher
· Automatic Resistance Adjustments
· Find, plan, and customize workouts
· Series Training Classes
· Global Tutorial Videos

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