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Snode adjustable weight bench 2.0 is the perfect blend of quality, versatility and style, achieving the pinnacle of value for an adjustable bench. Features 6 different back pad positions (from 0 to 85 degrees) and 3 seat pad positions (0, 15 and 30 degrees). Snode adjustable bench provides 18 combinations and ensuring a wide range of positions for your various exercises.

The heavy duty bench is as sturdy as you'd expect. The weight bench features robust triangular mechanics and an upgraded 3x3 "11-gauge steel tubing frame with a massive 1,000 LB weight capacity to make your workouts safer. The bottom of both the front and rear foot tubes come with rubber foot pads to protect your floor from scratching and add extra stability. The seat pad and back pad are made of high-density board, with foam filling and covered with a leather surface that is sweat-resistant and has anti-slip texture, providing you a powerful support and enhanced grip, while being highly resilient and comfortable, without causing discomfort even throughout your full workout. With two transport wheels and a handle on the other side, the 121-pound bench can still be moved easily, so you can change its position to suit your workout needs.

As one of the basic fitness equipment in the gym, a weight bench is extremely versatile for your training. Perfect for strength training with dumbbells, barbells, Smith machine and other equipment. snode 80 lb adjustable dumbbells, all cast iron dumbbells, a drop-proof adjustable dumbbell that can withstand drops from up to 32" in height and at all angles. Snode barbells are made of steel for perfect durability and performance, up to 215K PSI. Snode Smith Machine is the ideal choice for home use - Power Rack, Smith Machine, Squat Machine, Suspension Trainer, Core Trainer and Lat Pull-down functions in one, offers you unmatched versatility in weight training that can meet your fitness goals, muscle building, strength training, or just enhance your workout routine. 

Bench Weight: 121LB  

Bench Length: 52"

Bench Width: 24.4"

Bench Height: 17.7"

Weight Capacity: 1000LB 

Back Pad Angles: 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 85 

Seat Pad Angles: 0, 15, 30 

Back Pad Length: 28.5"

Back Pad Width: 28.5"

Seat Pad Length: 12.2" 

Seat Pad Width: 13.0"

Front Foot Width: 11.8"

Rear Foot Width: 24.4"

Front Handle Length: 4.4"

Front Handle Diameter: 35MM

Footprint: 52"x24.4” (8.9SQFT)

Frame Material: 3"x3", 11-Gauge Steel 

Pad Material: Foam Pad with Absorbent 

Handle Material: Iron steel

Back Pad Thickness: 2.6''

Frame Thickness: 8MM

Back Pad Steel Pipe Thickness: 5MM



Premium Build Heavy Duty Quality

Built with robust 11-Gauge steel frame, weighing up to 121Lb, this heavy-duty adjustable bench supports up to 1,000 LB. Each pop-pins are made from anodized aluminum, which is extremely durable and safe.

Absorbent and Non-slip Pad Material

Bench pads are made from our newest, grippy, anti-sweat dense material. The pad brings you with comfortable support, allowing you to enjoy your training and keep away from odor.

Easy to Transport and Stable During Use

The handle of the Adjustable Bench 2.0 is made of TPR and aluminum alloy, which can be easily and comfortably gripped, and the back side is paired with a set of wheels for easy movement. This bench also equipped with 100*100*8MM rubber feet to provide super stability and non-slip protection.

1.3" Minimal Pad Gap

The premium pad option maintains a gap of roughly 1.3 inch between the seat and back, allowing athletes to program their functional presses and arm movements through a full range of inclines without dealing with the discomfort of a disjointed bench.

More Settings and Smooth Adjustments

The Snode Adjustable Bench 2.0 offers 30 customizable configurations, including 10 incline positions (0 to 85 degrees) and 3 seat positions (0, 15, and 30 degrees). The adjustment system is smooth and secure, allowing for most kinds of your home gym exercises.

One Step Installation

This durable adjustable training bench is almost fully pre-assembled and can be installed in only one step. Active your home gym workout at once.


An adjustable bench, like the SNODE Adjustable Bench 2.0, is essential for versatility in your workout regimen. This bench offers 18 different angle combinations with six back pad positions ranging from 0-85 degrees and three seat pad positions from 0-30 degrees, allowing you to effectively target various muscle groups. Its robust construction, with a 1,000-lb weight capacity, ensures durability and safety for all users. Whether for a home gym or commercial use, its adjustable features and sturdy build make it an optimal choice for your exercise routine.

Absolutely, adjustable benches are suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. They allow new users to start with basic exercises and gradually progress to more complex movements as their fitness improves. The SNODE Adjustable Bench 2.0 is particularly user-friendly, featuring a robust frame and easy-to-adjust settings that make it ideal for individuals starting their fitness journey, ensuring both safety and comfort with its anti-sweat, non-slip cover pads.

When selecting an adjustable bench for a home gym, key features to consider include stability, weight capacity, adjustability, and durability. A bench like the SNODE Adjustable Bench 2.0, which features a 1,000-lb weight capacity and a sturdy 11-gauge steel frame, meets these criteria effectively. Its easy mobility, thanks to the handle and rear wheels, also makes it a practical choice for home environments where space might be limited, and equipment needs to be moved frequently.

An adjustable bench is a versatile tool that can be incorporated into a full-body workout routine. It allows for a variety of exercises that can work different parts of the body, including chest presses, shoulder presses, back rows, and even ab workouts when adjusted to different angles. The SNODE Adjustable Bench 2.0’s range of adjustments provides the flexibility to perform various exercises, making it an excellent addition to any full-body workout regimen.

Adjusting the SNODE Adjustable Bench 2.0 is straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly design. The bench features anodized aluminum alloy knobs that are both durable and easy to handle. To adjust the back pad, simply pull the knob to unlock the position, slide the pad to your desired angle among 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, or 85 degrees, and lock it back in place. Similarly, adjust the seat pad to 0, 15, or 30 degrees depending on your exercise needs.

To keep your adjustable bench press bench in optimal condition, start by wiping down the pads after each use to prevent dirt and moisture buildup. Use a mild soap mixed with water and a soft cloth to clean the surfaces. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that can degrade the material. Regularly check and tighten the frame and all moving parts to ensure stability and safety. For the foam pads, use a damp cloth to gently clean off any residue or sweat. Always store the bench in a clean, dry environment to avoid rust or corrosion.

We have 10 year warranty for the bench main frame and 1 year warranty for the pads.

Sure you can! We have our own factory, and we can provide every parts related to the bench.

Very simple. Just install a rear tube by tightening a few screws. Most people can install them within 10 minutes effortlessly.

Click here for its instruction.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marico Marcellus


Wade Martin
Exceeded expectations

Arguably the best bench I have ever used in my 20+ years of fitness. It's very stable, even on carpet. It's perfectly padded so you don't feel any pressure from the metal behind it, so you won't lose your balance when doing heavy exercises. The downside is that it's expensive and heavy; however, you get what you pay for. All in all, you won't regret buying it.

Allen Jonathan
Great bench

Super pleased with purchase and looking forward to many years of use.

Glenn Milton
Built like a tank.

When it arrived and I picked it up off the porch I was caught off guard because of the weight of this bench. After unboxing it, I quickly assembled it(very easy to assemble). This isn't a cheap bench in any imaginable way. The plate steel construction is top notch. This thing will be in my family for generations.

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