cast iron stand
cast iron stand for dumbbells
S-shaped Structure
Dumbbell rack to support dumbbells
Dumbbell rack

Snode verstellbarer Hantelständer aus Gusseisen

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  • ✔️ EASY & QUICK ASSEMBLY: No need for experts. Within 20 minutes, you can easily put it together by yourself.
  • All cast iron material. Built to last! Designed for durability!

    S-shaped Structure

    S-förmige Struktur

    Macht den Ständer stabiler, und das Material aus Gusseisen ist haltbarer und es kommt zu keiner Verformung bei der Verwendung.

    cast iron stand for dumbbells

    Sicheres und einfaches Heben

    Reduzieren Sie Schäden an der Taillen- und Rückenmuskulatur

    cast iron stand for dumbbells

    Effizienter trainieren

    Die perfekte Lösung zum einfacheren Be- und Entladen der verstellbaren SNODE-Hanteln

    Strapazierfähig und stabil

    Dank der stabilen Struktur können Sie Hanteln platzieren, um Ihr tägliches Training zu erleichtern.

    Heavy-duty and Stable


    1. Stabile Platzierung

    2.Sicher und zuverlässig

    3.Unterstützung und rutschfest

    4.Eisen gebaut

    dumbbell rack

    Über das Produkt

    Material: Eisen

    Abmessungen: 24×16×20,5 Zoll

    Das Gewicht beträgt 47,8 Pfund

    dumbbell rack for dumbbell

    Nur für die verstellbare SNODE-Hantel geeignet

    Geeignet für alle Modelle der verstellbaren SNODE-Hanteln mit 28, 50 und 80 Pfund.

    ✔️ WAS SIE ERHALTEN UND SERVICE: Ein Satz Hantelständer-Teile und eine Bedienungsanleitung. Außerdem 2 feste Sicherheitsgurte, um die Hanteln vor dem Herunterfallen zu sichern. SNODE gewährleistet die Garantie für den Kundenservice. Wenn Sie ein Problem haben, können Sie sich gerne an uns wenden. ✔️ EINFACHE UND SCHNELLE MONTAGE: Keine Experten erforderlich. Innerhalb von 20 Minuten können Sie es zusammenbauen.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Adrian Giaccaglia
    Great set of adjustable dumbbells

    So far these dumbbells have exceeded my expectations. Easy to change weights and so far seem durable enough to set down hard .

    Jonathan Reimbold
    Best design ever

    This stand is as solid as any stand can be.

    Raj Shah
    Snode Cast Iron Stand

    Great pairing with the 80 lb dumbbells - easy setup and makes it easier to switch weights during a workout. Very sturdy as expected.

    Great Stuff

    Awesome product , very well built and the selectable dumbbells are smooth when selecting what weight you want, knurlbon handle is just enough for your grip without digging into your palms. Cast iron rack is a sturdy mister. Absolutely recommend this to any home gym or any gym .

    Garrett Soldati
    Honesty is the best medicine!

    I purchased my AD80 and S-Stand at the beginning of February and shipping and delivery went smooth. Packages arrived within a day of each other in great shape. I was concerned at first that the AD80’s had been reengineered to allow greater tolerance for the purpose of smoother racking at the expense of a loose feel during movement (clanking together). There were several reviews indicating that the AD80’s were solid feeling so I was holding my breath. I can say that yes there is play in the dumbbell, however it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. The feel of the AD80 is great, the handle size (L & W) and knurl are awesome and feel great in hand. The weight dial mechanism is great and works flawlessly. When I preform movements that don’t require the additional 5# magnets, the process is so quick and smooth. Though I have to be honest, the magnets are tedious, it’s a chore that kills time between sets and a process I find myself trying to avoid especially at the higher weight adjustments when I would rather just carry the weight to the rack and be done. The magnets require the weight to go the the floor first…if the change weights could go interior that would be best and alleviate this hassle (or even better, make a system with 5# increments). I have found that I avoid ending my set on a 5# increment for this reason, whereas I’d like to not have to alter my workout to accommodate a limitation in the design of my equipment.

    Finally, the warranty…the 360 32” drop guarantee/warranty is something that factored into my purchase. The 2 year time frame for warranty is great too (why not just make it 5yr or lifetime?) Be confident and stand by your product, especially if you want the feeling to be mutual with your customers! The correspondence I received with my AD80 made no mention of the drop clause and states only a one year warranty on parts and craftsmanship. This was a direct contradiction with what your website has indicated. I would like some confirmation from SNODE that they will hold true to the two years and perhaps even get it in writing, since the only document I have says differently!

    Barring those issues, I’ve used my AD80’s now for several weeks and I am happy with them. I may look to move away from the magnets so racking is made less of a hassle.

    Furthermore, the S-Stand is great! Good product that works well. I bought casters instead of using the feet provided and it has made it mobile. The casters weren’t cheap, but the are really nice and adjustable. No issues there, the engineering team got that right!


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