Ride, Run, Row

Interactive indoor training with over 40,000 real-life training videos for cycling, running, and rowing classes.

How to train on Kinomap

  • Create your account on the website, download Kinomap on your Smartphone or tablet and enjoy your 30-days trial.
  • Connect your equipment to the application. The application will automatically adjust the resistance of your bike or the incline of your treadmill
  • Select a video and start training and exploring the world on thousands of videos.
Kinomap makes indoor cycling fun for everyone. Whether you're an experienced athlete or a newbie, you can experience a virtual bike ride in an immersive 3D world.
Jog through Sequoia National and State Parks, 4K virtual trail running for fitness, outdoor trail running, simulate running scenarios with Kinomap, and run to the world from home!
Row in Norway, Canada, Colorado, Scotland, and beyond with Kinomap, immersive experience of sites and sounds. The world is our workout studio.