Snode Magenetic Resistance Exercise Indoor Cycling Bike - 8731Bi
Snode Magenetic Resistance Exercise Indoor Cycling Bike - 8731Bi
Snode Magenetic Resistance Exercise Indoor Cycling Bike - 8731Bi
Snode Magenetic Resistance Exercise Indoor Cycling Bike - 8731Bi
Snode Magenetic Resistance Exercise Indoor Cycling Bike - 8731Bi
Snode Magenetic Resistance Exercise Indoor Cycling Bike - 8731Bi

Snode Magenetic Resistance Exercise Indoor Cycling Bike - 8731Bi

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  • Magnetic Control Cycling Bike
  • Chromed solid flywheel
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 287lbs
  • Equipped with iPad holder
  • Belt Driven & Stable & Sturdy
  • Updated function: Compatiable With FITLOG Zwift KINOMAP APP
  • Overall Dimensions: 43.1x 8.9x 33.9In
  • Product Weight:90.4 lbs

Magnetic Resistance

Updated Monitor With FITLOG & Zwift Compatibility

Fully Adjustable Padded Seat

More Details:

1. Magnetic resistance system delivers quick & reliable changes to the resistance. Virtually no maintenance and the adjustable resistance creates unbelievable smooth and nearly silent ride during your cycling exercise.

2. It’s necessary for the people who are training to replenish water in time. The water bottle holder is built into the frame for easy access. Keep your trusty favorite beverage by your side. Stay hydrated during those long cardio workouts.

3. The equipped tablet holder allows you to enjoy the fitness and your favorite movie or music at the same time. The tablet holder is big and stable enough so you don’t have to worry about your entertainment equipment falling off when riding.

4. The transportation wheels help you move the bike breeze. You can change the exercise spot as you want.

FITLOG-Your Personal Smart Training at Home

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Happy customer!

I bought the Snode 8731B earlier this month. I was hesitant because it didnt have a lot of reviews, but it had everything I was looking for, was a good price, and the reviews it did have were positive. So I took a chance.... So happy I did.It was easy to assemble. I am new to spinning, have only been on one other bike at the gym, but this one seems great. It is quiet. Residence works well. Very stable. Had no problem connecting to Bluetooth and the Zwift App. And is a comfortable bike to spin on.Extremely happy with my purchase so far!!

Great bike! Exceptional customer service.

Great bike for the $$! I really wanted the Bluetooth capability to sync to a cycling app and its worked great. Ive been using Kinomap and was able to easily connect and use. The bike is almost silent and very sturdy. It was super easy to assemble as well. I am pretty tall and wanted the handlebar higher so I messaged the seller and heard back from them quicker than I do some family members!! ?? They were more than happy to help and shipped me a new handlebar extension free of charge and I received it in 2-3 days!! Im so glad the customer service is just as impressive as the bike! You wont regret buying this!!

David C.
Unbelievably Quiet!

I purchased this bike a few days ago and have no regrets in doing so. The bike is relatively straight forward on assembly, they include the needed tools too. I had mine assembled in about 20 minutes without anyone assisting me. One unfortunate defect on mine is that the seat post locking knob does not fully engage with the seat post due to the threads not fully tapped. I can set the seat post level, but I am unable to "lock" it to prevent wobbling. All other aspects of the build seem sturdy and solid. It is unfortunate that there is no forward/back adjustment for the handlebars (only up/down). I also find that the seat could have a little more forward/back adjusting. The seat is satisfactory for comfort, easy enough to change if you want something different. A big disappointment for me is the LCD control panel, I have 20/20 vision but I am unable to read the icons while riding ( if the display was backlit that would be really beneficial!). Also, on the display panel's back the circuit is visible like a cover was forgotten during assembly (maybe, another flaw on mine?). The resistance is easy enough to change although there is NO indication of how much resistance you are using. This makes following virtual classes like Peloton difficult since they are saying "add 3% more resistance...". However, with all the complaints being said this bike is amazingly quiet. I've owned multiple different cardio equipment in the past (rower, treadmill, crosstrainer) that I could never hear the TV clearly without wearing headphones due to the noise of the machine. This is not the case with this bike! Just super quiet, no noise from it at all (just me huffing & puffing). I did connect to both the Zwift and Kinomap apps with minimal difficulty thanks to some previous reviews I read that discussed them. It would be nice if other apps could be made compatible with this bike as to improve the user experience.

Andy Ni
Best gift for family

When I saw this product at Amazon, I decided to buy it and try it! After I received it, I cant wait to install and try! This product set up is straightforward, it take a little bit time , but it is simple! I buy this product is special for my husband. Every time I ask him to do excercise , he always find a lot of excuses not to do it ! After I buy this bike, he is very enjoying this ! Every day he insists on it half hour, it looks like a small gym room for him, he is so happy for this anniversary gift! I have used this several times and have had no issues at all ! This product is stable and durable! This bike can adjust how hard or how fast you want to run! We all love it!

Simple, Quick assembly

I Wanted to start adding some cardio workouts to my fitness plan and to be able to continue them uninterrupted through the winter months. I researched a number of exercise bikes for a couple of weeks and finally decided on the this Snode cycling bike. I didn't want something cheap or expensive since this is my first jump into this type of fitness equipment. First thing I noticed out of the box was there was no large bag of hardware and minimal loose parts. This took me 35 minutes to assemble (wrench and screwdriver included) and the build quality feels solid. I have only used it 3 times as of this review but my initial impression is that it is worth the $348 I spent on it. The only thing I don't like is the seat, A little to firm for me but I haven't been on a bike in 35 years so I won't blame it on the Bike. I just may buy a different one. I did purchase the Wahoo cadence sensor and able to link it to my Garmin watch the only down side is when I pair the sensor to the wahoo app I cant get the info to Garmin Because i can only pair one device. I am fooling around with the wahoo and strava apps to see how it integrates with Garmin.

Thank you so much for your feedback! Were really glad you enjoyed our product!

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