Snode 50 lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Fitness Equipment
Snode 50 lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Fitness Equipment
Snode 50 lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Fitness Equipment

Snode 50 lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Fitness Equipment

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Exercise with dumbbells can help you exercise all parts of your body. This safe and durable adjustable dumbbell can well meet your needs for fitness, shaping and strength training. Faced with different exercise weight requirements, you only need to turn the dial to quickly and accurately adjust the dumbbell weight you want.

32” 360-degree Drop Resistant Design

We now have two weight combinations for our 50lb dumbbells

From 8lbs and from 10 lbs

6 Gears Adjustable Weight Ranges(From 8 lbs)

6 Gears Adjustable Weight Ranges(From 10 lbs)

Convenient & Quick Adjustment

One Piece Full Cast Iron Handle

Dumbbell Base

Weight Visible

There is a weight visible hole next to the weight adjustment dial, you can quickly see the change of dumbbell weight, which is so intuitive and convenient.

Electroplating handle

This well-designed non-slip handle allows you to grip more firmly and improve safety during exercise.

Unnotched Round Dumbbell Plates

Advantages:the center of gravity is centered,no shaking/centrifugal,even weight distribution.


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Comparison of 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbells between the two brands

Pictures Image
Weight Ranges 8-50lbs / 10-50lbs 8-50lbs
Material Full Cast Iron & Ductile Iron material Full Cast Iron & Ductile Iron material
Dumbbell Base Cast iron and dovetail groove design Plastic & stainless steel
Handle Material Full Cast Iron Full Cast Iron
Handle Flange Material Full Cast Iron Plastic
Handle Design The handle and the first dumbbell piece are one piece, makes it more durable and anti-fall Not in one piece
Drop Resistance height 32”(360-degree drop resistance) 32”(Can't fall from a 45 degree angle,other angles are fall-proof)
Quick Adjustment
One year quality guarantee


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This is the coolest dumbbell weights I have ever used. I absolutely love how it adjusts from 10lbs all the way up to 50lbs all with a dial. Definitely a great start to my home gym!

Charlie H

I am very impressed with the design and features of this set! The dumbbells and weights all sit inside a tray and you can quickly choose the amount of weight to add electronically. It takes up very little floor space, especially comparing it to the space that would be needed for a traditional set of dumbbells. It only takes a few seconds to adjust the amount of weight for each exercise. In addition, they are very solid, well-made units. I highly recommend this set.


Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
Duane Payne
Best Decision Ever!

They are pricey compared but you get a premium product with what seems like a safer locking mechanism with a great look.

Jonathan Young
Great idea

Such a smart design so that my gf and I can both use the same weights. Had issues with one of the weights, and couldn't turn the dial. Solved it with customer service, great job! My biggest gripe is that they use styrofoam in their packaging. Please change to more environmentally friendly packaging!

Cory Gibson
Very versatile

I use these everyday. I use to go to the gym but I decided to try these out and they are much better than the old school weights sets I use to own back in the day. It gives me more freedom to work out anytime as opposed to once a day. Changing weights are easy which makes it more enjoyable and compact.

Brendan Houston
Very happy with my purchase

These weights are exactly what we needed. I was getting bored with my 8 lb weights and knew I needed more weight and options. These accomplish that for me and my husband and save a lot of space. They are easy to use, sturdy, and the mechanism to adjust the weight works well.

Carl Taylor
Home gym essential

Best bang for your buck, absolute no-brainer.

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