Snode Space Saver Magnetic Elliptical Machine -  E20/E20i
Snode Space Saver Magnetic Elliptical Machine -  E20/E20i
Snode Space Saver Magnetic Elliptical Machine -  E20/E20i
Snode Space Saver Magnetic Elliptical Machine -  E20/E20i
Snode Space Saver Magnetic Elliptical Machine -  E20/E20i
Snode Space Saver Magnetic Elliptical Machine -  E20/E20i
Snode Space Saver Magnetic Elliptical Machine -  E20/E20i

Snode Space Saver Magnetic Elliptical Machine - E20/E20i

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SNODE E20/E20i is a new design elliptical machine by SNODE in 2020. You can use this elliptical machine to achieve the goal of losing weight.The 8 levels magnetic resistance can provide you with a variety of exercise intensities and make your fitness training more efficient. The precision balanced flywheel provides a smooth and quiet operation. This product is equipped with a monitoring display, you can see real-time data on the monitor. The SNODE E20/E20i  will be a good fitness helper for your family.

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E20 Manual Magnetic Control System

E20i Electric Magnetic Control System with 16 Resistance Levels

E20 Digital Monitor

E20i Digital Monitor & Bluetooth Device

E20i Multi-function Header with 12 Built-in Workout Programs

Heavy-duty & Cross Crank

Spacesaving& Easy To Move

Smooth & Quiet Driven


Choose the level that suits you best(E20 has 8 levels of magnetic resistance while E20i has 16)

Magnetic Control Flywheel

Cross Crank

Heavy Duty Flywheel

Non-slip Foot Paddle

Heart Rate Monitor

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marcos Neal
Things I know I like about it are:

The manual breaks it down into 10 steps. Not bad. It did take me a couple of hours but I wasn't racing and I had some interruptions. A few part numbers in the manual didn't match the nuts and bolts, but were easy to figure out. It feels pretty solid and I took it for a spin. The display is pretty basic but has the info there. The heart beat monitor actually matched my smart watch.

Elvira Aguilar
This is a good machine

I have been using this every day, 45 min per day for the last 4 days. Assembly was not too complicated. My son is mechanically inclined and had it assembled a little over an hour. He did not use the YouTube video however, there is one for those who need assistance. He did use his own tools. The machine is quiet and sturdy. There is a little more movement than the elliptical in the gym but with the smaller footprint and it being on carpet, it is not bad. My iPad stays in place so movement is very minimal. I did a lot of research on home-use ellipticals and I am glad I picked this machine. I will update further as I use it more. Please note, I am 5'3", not long legs & a size 8 shoe. Not sure how movement is affected by taller & larger people. The foot pedal is fine for my foot-size & will accommodate a longer & wider foot.

Pete Bowers
Decent elliptical machine

First, I wanted a machine that was narrow (to fit easily through room doors 28" wide) and not too long (60" or shorter). I looked at BowFlex Max trainers and some Horizon ellipticals and a ProForm HIIT Trainer Pro, but chose the Snode due to size and price. I liked the feel\movement of all the machines I tried, the BowFlex, Horizon and ProForm and was a little nervous about how the Snode would feel, not being able to try it out first. So.... the Snode was e20i was so easy to put together by myself. I found a video online of another similar model, but the assembly was the same (the electronics part was much easier that what they showed in the video) and it was very simple to do. (I would provide a link to the video, but Amazon does not allow this). The biggest issue is that something is bent and there is a slight wobble to the machine. The rear tube that rests on the floor is not flush evenly, the brace or bracket is connects to is bent or something. I can probably shim that up and make it even, but for now I have coaster on the floor. But the wobble is not really noticeable even without the coaster, slightly, but not enough to bother me while using it. The movement is....good. Not great, but good. Wish there was a little more stride length, but it still feels good. The movement is smooth and it is very quite, there is a slight "click" while peddling, but it is very slight and does not bother me at all. The other issue is the foot pedal size. I wear a 9.5 EE New Balance sneaker and there is no more side to side room for my foot at all. If you had bigger feet or shoes, you may have issues. The work out is good. I don't care about the heart rate monitor (it works fine, don't know how accurate is really is, but it feels like it is close). I am's.....I ride road bicycles a fair amount and this is is too cold outside to bike, winter, exercise machine, cause I don't like riding the trainer or stationary bike inside..) So, just need to see how this will hold up over time. I've only

Wow! Thank you so much for your pertinent comments, we really hope you enjoy it!

Connie Howell
Initial Review

I have yet hardly used this. I will come back and update this review later. But for now I wanted to give initial impressions of receiving and putting this thing together. I will admit to being a little intimidated when I unpacked. Seemed to be a lot of parts! That being said, it is important to note that: 1) It arrived with no damage 2) All the parts were there

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this amazing review.

Sammy Castro
Has all the input options and is a quite machine.

So I bought this so I could use at home when I cannot get to the gym. First thing I noticed there is no place for water bottle (should have paid more attn).Its really not that big thing, but I still feel its a pity. Update: Snode sent me a water bottle holder after they saw my review. So nice to deal with responsive customer service.

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