LOYO 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Strength Training
LOYO 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Strength Training
LOYO 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Strength Training
LOYO 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Strength Training
LOYO 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Strength Training
LOYO 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Strength Training

LOYO 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Strength Training

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Full Cast Iron No Fear To Fall

LOYO adjustable dumbbell is made of full ductile iron and cast iron, this material is Long lasting&durable.Full cast iron dumbbells no fear to fall off, when you exhaust ​your strength, the dumbbells will not be damaged when dropped. So you can whatever exercise as you want.

Six Gears Fast Adjustable & Easy to Adjust

You can quickly and easily adjust the weight of both sides of the dumbbells at the same time with a turn of the adjustment dial, from 8 to 50 lb , which are 8, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50 lbs. You can

More Professional Dumbbells

Each plates of this dumbbells are non-notche, The weight is evenly distributed, The center of gravity is centered, No shaking, No centrifugal.which can avoid the troubles caused by normal adjustable dumbbells, it make this dumbbells more professional than other adjustable dumbbells.

Save Your Space

LOYO adjustable dumbbell can realize the function of multiple dumbbells, it can solves the problem of multiple dumbbells messing up your home gym. It save your space and easy to store. We recommended you to buy it in pairs if possible.

Electroplating handle

This well-designed non-slip handle allows you to grip more firmly and improve safety during exercise. Now the knurling is an upgraded version with a rougher feel.

Weight Visible

There is a weight visible hole next to the weight adjustment dial, you can quickly see the change of dumbbell weight, which is so intuitive and convenient.

Unnotched Round Dumbbell Plates

Advantages:the center of gravity is centered,no shaking/centrifugal,even weight distribution.

Innovative Design

The dumbbell weight must be adjusted on the dumbbell base, and we have performed Innovative Dovetail Groove Design on this dumbbell base.The top is wide and the bottom is smaller, you can easily put the dumbbell back on the base.

Protect Your Hands

Our handle is considerately designed with textured to protect your hands from hurting from high intensity training. Meanwhile offers great grip, helps to adjust the weight rapidly.

All these contributing a unparalleled comfort for you.

Easy for Storage

Are you still worried about not having enough space to store different weights of dumbbells?

Now, only need a place less than one square meter, so easy to find a place for them, very space saving. LOYO adjustable dumbbell help you to build your own fitness world!

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LOYO 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Strength Training
LOYO 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Strength Training
LOYO 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Strength Training
LOYO 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Strength Training
LOYO 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Strength Training
LOYO 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Strength Training

LOYO 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Strength Training

Sale price$219.00
Shipping calculated at checkout.

Loyo adjustable dumbbell has 6 adjustable weights, which are 8, 14, 23, 32, 41, and 50 lbs. You can adjust your dumbbell according to your exercise needs. Let it help you exercise all parts of your body, for fitness, shaping and strength training.

Loyo adjustable dumbbell, easy to adjust the weight! The best choice for home gym exercise. Let's start exercising at home!

Dimensions of each dumbbell: 14.7in L x 6.2in W x 6.2in H

Dimensions of dumbbell with cradle: 15.9in L x 6.6in W x 6.3in H

Warranty: 1 year

Compatible with Snode Dumbbell Stand (sold separately)

Suitable for a variety of exercises and all fitness levels

1. Ships within 3-5 business days. Delivered within 6-15 business days. Shipping times to remote addresses may be extended.

2. If you buy a pair of dumbbells, it will be shipped in two packages.

3. Available only in US.


We have 5 lb increments adjustable dumbbells in design and discussion. But achieving this was really difficult for us because of our material (full cast iron) and structure (dovetail structure). So there is no estimated launch time yet. But one thing for sure, it will not be launched in the near future. We may introduce 5LB magnet blocks to attach to dumbbells to solve this problem soon.

Yes, they feel like traditional dumbbells. They have comparable knurling and the size of the dumbbell is similar to those you
find at your local gym. Also, the plates are round and not very huge. Also, the shaft will not stick out from the plate.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Our company is based in California, USA and our products are all manufactured in China, and we have one of the best fitness equipment production lines in China. Our warehouse is in the United States, and all orders will be shipped from the United States.

We are temporarily only retailing dumbbells within the United States. We will try to expand in the future, please follow our website or FB page to get the latest news!

Customer has 30 days from the time of purchase to return your purchase to us. The customer is responsible for shipping cost if the product have no quality problems. The product must be in perfect working condition in its original packaging. Restocking fee will apply if product is not received back in these conditions.

Canceling orders after product has shipped with result in a $40.00 restocking fee and original shipping cost will not be refunded.

Comparison of 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbells between the two brands

Pictures Image
Weight Ranges 8-50lbs / 10-50lbs 8-50lbs
Material Full Cast Iron & Ductile Iron material Full Cast Iron & Ductile Iron material
Dumbbell Base Cast iron and dovetail groove design Plastic & stainless steel
Handle Material Full Cast Iron Full Cast Iron
Handle Flange Material Full Cast Iron Plastic
Handle Design The handle and the first dumbbell piece are one piece, makes it more durable and anti-fall Not in one piece
Drop Resistance height 32”(360-degree drop resistance) 32”(Can't fall from a 45 degree angle,other angles are fall-proof)
Quick Adjustment
One year quality guarantee
Snode 50 lbs Adjustable Dumbbells
Drop-proff all iron design 50 Lb. Adjustable Dumbbells
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Snode 80 lbs Adjustable Dumbbells
Drop-proff all iron design
Weight Range Lb.
10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 – 60 – 70 – 80
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Best seller

Perfect strength training partners

Work out more efficiently and safer with easier loading and unloading

Iron Flexbell Stand specially designed for Snode Adjustable Dumbbells


Complete your strength training space with Snode Adjustable Training Bench

7 back positions & 4 seat positions for full body workouts, space saving


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Arron Skinner
Great value and quality, excellent product

Excellent value. Great quality. Definitely a must have for faster workouts, specially when performing supersets combining more than one muscle group.

Jerry B
Great quality

I see the packaging plywood was added, great way to protect contents. Adjustable dial works great, and quality seems very good. Love these weights.

Duncan Carver
Very Happy!

l am satisfied with my purchase. Live in a small apertment and saves a ton of spc.

Christie Patton
Really nice!

The ease of changing the weights on these things is amazing. I just can't get over how much I enjoy using them

Thomas Cox
Good Home Gym Addition

To start off I'm no fitness buff or workout fanatic. My workouts are mostly walks with occasional days for strength training. With this being a weight pretty much what you see is what you get. Changing weights is as simple as a turn of the dial and I didn't have any instances or weights not locking on or falling off even during a workout. I will say the base is plastic and after long term use I could see it potentially cracking, but for now after 3 months no issues.

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