Snode Belt Drive Indoor Cardio Cycling Exercise Bike - 8729
Snode Belt Drive Indoor Cardio Cycling Exercise Bike - 8729
Snode Belt Drive Indoor Cardio Cycling Exercise Bike - 8729
Snode Belt Drive Indoor Cardio Cycling Exercise Bike - 8729
Snode Belt Drive Indoor Cardio Cycling Exercise Bike - 8729

Snode Belt Drive Indoor Cardio Cycling Exercise Bike - 8729

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  • Conveniently located tablet/phone holder allows you enjoy fitness and your favorite video at the same time.
  • Chromed solid flywheel: 13lbs
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 280lbs
  • Overall Dimensions: 41''x 21'' x 46''In
  • Product weight:84 lbs
  • Turn the knob to adjust the resistance.Press the knob to stop the bike immediately.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars.Transportation wheels for easy movement.
  • Chromed solid crank and sturdy steel frame.

Multi-grip With Adjustable Resistance

Effective Exercise Bike With Adjustable Parts

Customized Bike With Tablet Holder& Lcd Monitor


Cage Pedals

Pedals are built with toe cages which can keep your feet in place. The cages with straps are adjustable to increase stability and comfort as well as avoid injury. You can switch out a pair of SPD pedals to clip your shoes into.

Comfortable & Adjustable Seat

The cushion is made of soft breathable sponge and artificial leather. It has good heat dissipation performance so that you will feel comfortable even in your long-term riding.

With a simple twist of a knob, you can move back and forth (and up / down) so your workout can remain comfortable when riding for long periods of time.

Adjustable Resistance & Emergency Stop

This bike is equipped with a smooth felt fabric brake pad system. You can twist the knob to adjust the resistance into the levels you need. The appropriate resistance level will help you get your training goals step by step,then you will make progress at a reasonable rate.

Aluminum Alloy Bottle Holder

It’s necessary for the people who are training to replenish water in time. The water bottle holder is built into the frame for easy access.Keep your trusty favorite beverage by your side. Stay hydrated during those long cardio workouts.

Wool Brake Pad

This cycling bike is equipped with a durable wool felt brake pad. The pure wool reduces noise, does not produce flavor.

Brake pad is consumable so when first one worn out, just get in touch with us and we will send you replacements for FREE.

Digital Workout & Pulse Rate Monitor

The equipped LCD display which can show you the real-time workout data timely including time, speed, distance, calorie, odometer, pulse. Ergonomically positioned pulse sensors that transmit your pulse rate to the digital monitor to ensure that your workout to your specific needs.

FITLOG-Your Personal Smart Training at Home

Learn MORE>

I have been using the bike for about 30 minutes every other day in a HIT way as it is very easy to adjust the intensity of the spinning by turning the resistance nob during the exercise. It’s been almost two weeks now, and I can feel that my thighs are getting toned, and the weight starts to go down. The bike is also gentle on my knees, which is a huge plus.

B. Hei

SNODE has made an indoor cycle bike that is made to last; the quality of the materials being used to build the bike is solid and able to withstand whatever you throw against it. Whether you are someone who occasionally rides or someone who is looking to take full advantage of the machine, this bike is made for those who are looking for quality and excellent customer service. To build on that, I had a fantastic experience with their customer service, not only did they get back to me super fast, but they followed through their promise of sending me the things I needed to utilize the bike fully. Overall I would highly recommend the cycling machine because of the quality and of course due to their amazing customer service!


Customer Reviews

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So S.
Love the bike

Used for most a year, works very well, easily assemble and already my stamina and leg strength has increased.

This review made our day!

P. Farabaugh
Its Fine

This bike is fine. It does the job.My handlebars are a smidge crocked (left side being nearer to the rider than the right side by maybe an inch). I don't notice that unevenness when I'm really riding, but do notice when I'm just taking it slow and sitting on the seat. Everything is assembled straight- it must be within the piece itself.I like the configuration of the hand positions, that was my main reason for purchasing this specific bike. The iPad holder is kind of too big and takes up some of the hand space (I have an average hand size for my stature).

Easy to assemble.

The box is heavy. The main part of the bike is heavy and sturdy and already put together. There are many parts, BUT the screws, nuts and bolts are already where they should be. No hunting for screw A to put into hole Z. Just take the the screws out, put the part in place and put the sceew back in place. You may need a little working knowledge of a bicycle to put the pedals on. But overall, most of the parts only fit in one place and one way. I used the instructions, but not the video. It is sturdy to ride, but when the seat is raised to maximum height, the seat is a liitle wobbly. I am 6' 2" with a 32" inseam. With the seat at full height, my knee is slightly bent with my leg fully extended. Putting your feet into the straps of the pedals take some getting use to. I like them because you transfer power from your legs to the pedals for the full pedal stroke. The handles are a little awkward when the tablet holder is installed. The bike is fairly quiet when riding. I will update as I ride more.

Nikki Payne
Very sturdy bike and easy to assemble

This was actually very easy to assemble! Not loud. Very sturdy. Works very well. Great exercise cycle. Love to use this while watching tv. Perfect for my husband with back pain. Low impact exercise while exercising total lower body. I like how this is mostly a grey metal color. Most of the other brands were too colorful to match with my decor. This one fits just fine. Not a full picture of it but you can see it??s pretty sleek for a small space.

Heidi J. Gygax
Good for the price

I received my SNODE bike a few days ago and immediately had a friend help me out it together (30 minutes) and it looks and feels great! I used to be a gym rat but recently adopted my two young granddaughters and life has changed a lot. Add in my bad knees (only one replacement surgery so far with the other pending) my weight has climbed out of control. I was considering a Peloton bike but the costs are daunting for bike and subscription, so a fitness instructor suggested I look into a less pricey bike and try free online classes as a start. Yes! Time to take the bull by the horns! I got up at 4am the next morning to try my YouTube spin class using my iPad on the included tablet holder. Honestly, my fitness level has dropped so much with the weight gain and inactivity that I felt a bit deflated. BUT that will change with persistence! My only complaint regarding the bike is that the seat and handles do not adjust high enough for me but after one simple email, their exceptional customer service immediately shipped parts to make the adjustments. If youre 511 or taller and used to riding on a properly adjusted bike, note you may need this option also. Im looking forward to an even better ride when those parts arrive this weekend. Overall, this is a quality bike for a gym experience at home, excellent customer service through the email. Im glad I fought this bike and will be using it 4-5 times a week. Great value. I will update when bike is adjusted and I have more rides.

Thanks so much for your feedback! Were really glad you enjoyed our exercise bike, weve found its a definite customer favorite!

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